Amarilys Henderson // Stepping Out at Surtex

Aired June 30, 2017.

Episode 218

My guest this week is Amarilys Henderson. You might remember her from a recent interview in April when she was part of the Sketch Noting series. Here is a link to her interview.

You are probably thinking, whoa, diane I thought you had a show yesterday. Yes, I did it was a Rapid Recharge and actually ties in so well with this episode. It was also about trying something new.

I launched my new service, Recruiting Creatives, check out the episode here. Dustin Lee and Suzanne Sarver helped me out yesterday with the launch because they have both used the service.

Learn more about it here.

Trying new things and stepping out into something uncomfortable and new is the theme for this week. Amarilys Henderson is an illustrator who works mainly in watercolor. She will share more of her marketing strategy as an illustrator and online teacher.Amarilys had her first solo booth at Surtex this past May. Now she is busy creating and marketing her new work. She was surprised at the level of interest in her lettering and will share with us the steps that got her to where she is today.

Skillshare class: Expressive-Little-Faces-Proportions-Painting-Personality


Things we talked about today:

skillshare: make it fun make it sell:

Graphic Artist Guild Handbook on Amazon

strengths finders:

Danielle Evans: social proof video from target:

Ronnie Walter coach for art licensing and book:

Book: License to Draw on Amazon





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