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Episode 282. Aired Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

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Do you constantly feel like there is always a new program, platform, service, or tool you need to learn and utilize?
Do you fee like struggle to keep up with the updates, new services and / or programs on the market?
Do you have a education plan built into your yearly
How do you decide where to go to learn?
Do you know where to find deals?
Do you know how to find trusted, industry leaders who are teaching the subjects you need to learn?
Do you have these learning goals connected directly to new client work or being more marketable for applying for a new job?

This week I am happy to share a little tid-bit of some of the online learning I have done. And why I have chosen some of these courses. I have also found some deals and want to share those with you and when those deals come out so you can plan for them for next year.

Things we talked about and links from the show

Jane Davenport video on Derwent Inktense pencils, the Inktense pencils and blocks can be found here.

Ways to Support the Show

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These are three products I use weekly if not daily.

My favorite way to build websites is with the Elementor Plugin that works with almost any theme. Making almost any theme invincible, this plugin has changed the way I have been able to design websites. This plugin is the elementor plugin. Seriously a game changer, I fell in love with after using it to build a site from scratch. Not only was it doing the custom css code for me it also made the speed at which I was able to finish the site 10X faster. I am now loading this plugin to all my client sites. Where other plugins fell short elementor used common sense and was so easy to understand and implement with.

I am loving the elementor plugin, total game changer. Use this affiliate link to purchase the plan right for you. http://bit.ly/DRelementor

My favorite theme to use which works great with the Elementor plugin is the Elegant Themes’ Divi theme. Talk about making custom web design easy. It is the only theme I need. Based off of a grid system and now with a visual builder, you can now customize your website super easy with this wordpress theme. Elegant themes puts out tutorials and are always updating the theme to make it more robust and easier to use. You can pay per year or do what I did and do the lifetime membership at $250 then you can put it on as many websites as you want.

Check it out here:


The third is Audible, the audio book subscription from Amazon. Audible has changed my business and my life. I listen to more books than I physically read nowadays. I listen when I workout, when I mow and I have a long commute. I have been able to listen to books during those times and these books and this app has really helped my business grow. I have the gold membership, I get a new credit each month for less than $15 (1 credit = 1 book). Often the price of the subscription is significantly less than the price of the book I am purchasing. I have been a member since 2010 and LOVE it.

Click here to try Audible and get 2 free books http://bit.ly/DesignRecharge



Disclosure: The sponsor links above are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, your price is the same but I get a commission from each sale.

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