Love On Designers // Community Meet Up

Episode 287. Aired February 20, 2019

This week we are focusing on ways to recharge your batteries. That is what this week in the Love on Designers month is about too. We are going to come together for a meet-up and to share how we recharge our creative batteries.

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Here are some questions we will ask each other:

1. When do you feel most run-down?

2. What do you do that supplies you a jolt of energy at work?

at home?

3. Is there an activity you can do to almost always get your creative juices flowing?

4. Is there an activity you can do to lift your spirits?

5. What can you do this week to love on yourself and give some much needed self-care?

6. Is social media a drain or a lifter for you?


These are do-able. Come on screen with me on Wednesday. We want to love on you too.



Week 3 for Love on Designers is RECHARGE
This is a week for you, so focus on you and giving you what you need this week. Shoot a picture and use the hashtag #loveondesigners this week and let us know how you are taking care of yourself this week.

Take a walk or a hike.
Do yoga.
Get a massage (manicure, pedicure).
Go to a movie.
Take a nap.
Do something that refuels you, take a picture and use the #loveondesigners

Show Notes:

Dylan Menges:

Galatic Scoundrels kickstarter:  the one Brian Yohn did with his daughter


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