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Episode 288. Aired February 27, 2019.

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Have you ever worked an InHouse job surrounded by people but all the creatives are separated into different teams?
Have you ever wanted to bring your creative team together with other teams to explore projects, topics, or creative ideas?
Do you brainstorm regularly with others?
Do you want to bring others together to make everyone stronger?
Do you have a passion project outside of work, but aren’t sure how to find time to do it?

This week we will find out what drives Josh Morey to create community at work. Josh has been working InHouse at three different places for over 10 years. The last five Josh has been at Michigan State University. He has a heart for community and wants to see creatives find a place to grow. He has found the time and energy outside of his day job to start a community for creatives on Michigan State’s campus, we will find out how he did it and what he hopes to do with this group.

Follow Josh at: @joshuamorey


Week 4 for Love on Designers is CONNECT

This is a week for you to connect with someone who has helped shape you as a person or as a designer.

Someone who maybe wrote a book that changed your life, a teacher who took extra time to help you or pushed you, an artist or designer who’s work or youtube videos has inspired you and taught you something in a new way and helped you to grow.

Send a tweet to someone who has made a difference.

Mail the person a card, with a handwritten note of thanks.

Encourage them to continue reaching so many people and tell them their work makes a difference.

Here is how to enter to win one of the five giveaways this month:

During the Feb 27 live show. All you have to do is:

1. Come to the live show

2. Comment during the show


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