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Episode 292. Airs Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

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This episode almost didn’t happen. I am honestly tired and I just had spring break. But Spring Break was awesome. I got a lot of work done for some clients and I feel great about it. But it meant some late nights. I also made time to meet some new friends and get to know them better. This episode is going to focus on how I look at success and set myself up for success when I plan an event, client presentations, or even going out and trying something new.
Because what IF you plan something, launch something, create something and no one buys, no one shows up. What if there are only crickets?
We are going to talk about looking at the goals in a new way, having realistic expectations, and catering to crickets. When you look at failure head-on and challenge it, you take it’s power away. I want to show you how collaboration, mentoring, perspective shifts, and chasing after failure has helped me get more success than I ever would have prepared for.
Hope you will join me for my “crickets” episode. I am going to show you how I have adjusted my mindset to pursue failing with a fury and how that has helped my podcast grow.
How can you reach the audience you have? How can you reach the audience you want? How can you understand your ideal clients?

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