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Episode 297. Aired May 15, 2019.

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This week we are doing something different. I have invited a few of my friends who are at different stages in their similar side project, they are all podcasters and all do it differently. They have similar but different audiences. Last week we talked to Kyle Courtright about niching down and with this side project similar things happen the longer you do it.

This week I am excited to have some long-time friends on the show: Carlos Gomez (Sketchzone Podcast), Dustin Lee (Passive Income for Designers & The Honest Designers Podcast), Mark Hirons (Creative Waffle). You can probably guess what the side project is… yep podcasting. You may not be interested in creating your own podcast but I want you to hear how each of these are different and the vision for these ranges as well. This is much like our design businesses. We are all in the same industry but we don’t have the same clients, we have niched down to some extent, maybe without realizing it.

Tune in to hear their story and understand how this side project has affected these creatives careers.

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