Rapid Recharge // Leaning Into Uncomfort Part 2

Steven’s video https://youtu.be/Cww-9LHXf1w

I have watched this video over 50 times probably.

I am seeing it from so many angles. I am excited to share this with you.

Episode 299. Aired May 29, 2019.

Been a hard week for me. I don’t like disappointing. And that is what I feel like I did. I didn’t get the site up. Maybe you noticed, maybe not. Maybe I have disappointed you before and you are like, diane you don’t deliver on your promises.
Then I feel like all I have is excuses. But here is what happened.

I got sick (ocular migraine which means I had a short time frame where I had some loss of vision). Not the first time and due to stress and lack of sleep.

Which means I disappointed myself and probably others. In my mind the others is huge, whether this “others” exists only in my head or not still remains to be seen.

I am better but had to stop working on the site, because I had to step away from the computer, I had to not do collage because I needed to not focus on small things. I literally had to sleep.
Although I do feel better. I do not feel 100%.

Collages for the 30-day challenge or the website, these are not make or breaks for others, or even for me. I am reading this book 12 Rules for Life, by Jordan Peterson and I keep hearing the words Chaos vs Order from almost everywhere in my life in the past few days. There have been some doosies in this one so far I am excited to share with you.

I also as I edited this last episode found joy in all the randomness, the mistakes. Did you hear the outtakes? I plopped them at the end of the episode. Go watch or listen here.

It is late and I am pooped. Sometimes the struggle bus barely gets you home before you have to get right back on it. I am good don’t worry about me. Seriously I am so grateful for you, for my family, for clients, my students, for God clarifying things for me on a daily basis.

What are you grateful for?

Here is what this episode is going to be about:
Do you know what you need to take a stab at?

Are you still unsure about your purpose, your meaning, your superpower?

Do you vacillate between chaos and order?

Does one of them scare you more than other other does?

Is your world wrapped into chaos or order so much people are afraid to get close, or ruffle feathers?

Can you Measure what you are doing or is what you are trying to do too big to measure, too hard to measure? How can you make it more measurable?

Have you, like me, bitten off more than you can chew and had to back pedal?

If you want answers to these questions then tune in live (or listen to the recording.)

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Show Notes:

Jordan Peterson’s book: https://amzn.to/2wsYJrO

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