Drew Pocza // An Illustrator’s Income Streams

Episode 302. Aired June 19, 2019.

Have you ever wanted to focus on one thing but weren’t sure how to do it?
Do you know who your ideal audience is?
Have you explored different revenue streams for your focus skill, your superpower?
Do you want to know how a successful illustrator, has made illustration his full time gig for over 20 years?

If you answered yes or want answers to these questions and so many more, then watch below or listen.

Listen here:

This week I am excited to have Drew Pocza on, Drew is an incredible illustrator with a super fun and cute style. He has found a niche and found clients within that niche. Drew is also entrepreneurial and has expanded his scope from working for others to also selling his own merchandise. He has a passion for yoga which helps with all kinds of spiritual, mental, and physical health. I met Drew two years ago at Creative South. He was easy to talk to and always learning and passionate about people.

Go to http://bit.ly/dr-list to sign up and get the link

Connect with Drew:

PoczaMade on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FtU0er

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