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Episode 306. Airs July 17, 2019.

Do you know what your niche is? Do you know what direction you are going in your business or career? Does anyone hold you accountable to the goals you have set for yourself? Do you know how to set SMART goals? Do you have a group of creatives that show up for you each week, hold you accountable, and encourage you in your business adventures?

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I consider myself a happy person, I often think about why that is and how I wish I could share my joy with people and then they would be happier and more content. I have analyzed why and uncovered few things I have done that are the result of decisions I have made.

If you want to know how to get into a group that can support you as you grow your business and creative career then tune in live (or listen to the recording).

Go to to sign up and get the link.

If you already get the weekly newsletter no need to sign up you will get the link in your inbox 30 min before the show.I am happy because I have a terrific group of creatives who support me, challenge me, and are present in my life on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

I have created a few groups over the years and these communities, the Design Recharge Community as well, have sustained me when I was struggling, have encouraged me when I wanted to give up, and pushed me to try new things in my business.

I am releasing the Design Recharge PowerStation next week (a group made up of creatives who want to take their business to a new place.) It is pretty much ready to go but I want to cover all my bases and make sure I am not missing any blind spots.

Will you help me out and fill out this quick two question survey and let me know what is most important to you if you were looking for a group. Also tell me your biggest pain point in your business.

Here is the link.

July is a month for me to rejuvenate and get caught up, money wise with client work,  house wise as we take care of big tasks that are hard to do during the regular season of work and school, and Design Recharge wise (taking care of tasks I have put off (website, uploading old podcasts, etc.) I have been reflecting and thinking about quite a few things lately and I am going to share these with you on Wednesday.


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