Overloading My Plate

Episode 320. Airs Wednesday, November 6, 2019, at 2:30 pm ET / 11:30 am PT.

Do you ever have trouble saying no?

Do you often feel overwhelmed with all the work you have to do?

Do you have a hard time dealing with some of these stressors?

Do you have trouble concentrating and focusing on more than one project at a time?

If you said yes, this episode might be right up your alley. I’m going to flip the tables on some of these and perhaps get you to look at them from a new perspective. You see looking at the positive side of these things is what helps me get through stressful times.

And having a tree fall on your house helps with perspective too. (That was last week). This week I am finishing the children’s book my friend Lydia wrote. I can’t wait to share that with you.

Overworking is my M.O. My friend Dimi asked why I do that. I told him I love helping people. I also love being busy. I feel like my life has a purpose if I am doing things if I am helping others. I feel such fulfillment because of it.

I’m going to talk about my Bend Design Conference insights, along with what I have learned by piling more on my plate than I can handle. I know my limits better because of it. And I know what I am made of and the possibilities of my creativity, organization, and people skills.

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Tune in live (or listen to the recording) on WEDNESDAY, November 6 at 2:30 pm ET / 11:30 am PT.

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