Craig Heyworth // Building Your Team: Freelancer to Company

Are you at a place in your business where you are going to have to turn down work OR either you have to start hiring people or outsourcing?

I am excited to introduce my friend Craig Heyworth on the show. Are you afraid of what it means to outsource because you think you will be left in the cold and have to do all the work? So you have avoided it, right? But your business is at a place or you can see it coming and soon that you will HAVE to either turn down work or you will have to figure out how to build a team you can trust and that will stick around. Well, Craig is going to tell us exactly how he has done it. I can’t wait to see you at this LIVE Design Recharge.

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Questions for Craig

  1. Craig, you have an amazing path that brought you to design and running a creative business, can you give everybody a little background about your start in the industry and when you started your business?
  2. How long you’ve been in business and what you do, who is your audience?
  3. You are a serial entrepreneur? What other things have you started or are you creating? (course???)
  4. You have the ability to see the big picture but also the small details. You have big dreams but you are not just a dreamer, you are a director, a producer, you get things done. How do you know how to find people who can also create and deliver the things you need?
  5. What is your process for finding someone new or the process for a new skill or technique you are needing to find in someone else?
  6. How do you vet these people out?
  7. You have another amazing ability to get your team to feel like a team. Can you explain how you do this with a remote team?
  8. How did being resourceful become one of your biggest superpowers?
  9. How do you recharge? What inspires you?
  10. Is there a quote or something that you keep close to help you get through tough times?
  11. What is next?

Craig’s Links
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Episode 358


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