This is NOT Working for Me // Dimi Lazarou

What a week! Last week we had quite the storm, lost power and internet and had to reschedule Craig for October 7. Just hold on a few more days and i will get you that amazing content he is ready to share.

This week we are rounding out our European Escapade (well really Oct 7) on Design Recharge. Our good friend Dimi Lazarou is back talking about branding and how it is NOT working for him anymore.

Dimi has a unique spin and has been studying a lot, bringing math and science and lots of analogies into this world of symbols we are creating. It will be a fascinating talk and I hope you will join us live.

AND I am teaching an intro-level class on Affiliate Marketing at ART BIZ JAM (online conference for art professionals who license their work to companies). The conference starts tomorrow and these people are the top in the business when it comes to licensing your art. If you are interested in learning more this is the conference to go to. Phyllis Dobbs has been leading this conference for over 10 years. You will come out with new friends and a ton of knowledge!

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