My goal is to inspire, motivate, and guide creatives to realize and apply each individual’s expertise through training, coaching, and creative activities.

Recharging You is made up of in-depth, step-by-step courses as well as live on-line and in-person events. It is a place where creatives can develop their skills and learn how to utilize their natural talents to build their ideal business and do the work they love.



I consider myself a designer first, although I am also an entrepreneur, business owner, consultant, and a college professor. I started professionally designing in 1996 and have fallen deeper in love with design each year. I started my  design firm in August of 2002 just before moving to begin my second career as a design professor at the University of South Alabama (Mobile, Alabama). My design firm, little bird communications, has grown every year since but I was working a lot and connecting with professional designers less and less. One reason was because of my location and the other was my busy schedule, between clients and teaching it didn’t leave a lot of time to recharge my batteries.

Working almost everyday for the past ten years I knew I needed inspiration and interaction with other designers but time was tight and I didn’t have the budget to go to more than one conference a year. I read a lot and have a summer filled with mowing grass and listening to podcasts and books. I was growing as much as I could but I knew there was something more. After applying for a position at my alma mater (Auburn University) and not even getting an interview, I started searching for ways to grow and connect with other people in the industry. I started a web show/podcast in the summer of 2012 and started interviewing designers, illustrators, typographers, professors, business experts, authors, and finally started to feel connected. My growth as a designer and professor skyrocketed. But I enjoyed being able to share what I was learning with others live, creating a community of engaged creatives that are smart and have some serious business savvy.

Throughout 2014, I created my first packaged course [Finding Your SuperPower & Telling Your Story] and worked on the Recharging You brand. Through my weekly web show, Design Recharge, I have built an audience of talented and passionate creatives who are challenging themselves by consistently learning and pushing themselves in their creative projects.



Recharging You is a place where ideas are shared, challenged, and strengthened allowing you to create satisfying work while establishing a rewarding source of income.

It is a safe place to get critical, constructive feedback from a knowledgeable team of experts.

Recharging You is a source for activities and idea generating components allowing you to explore and stretch yourself creatively.

It contains projects, courses, and exercises that highlight different areas of the creative process. Each activity is much like an individual link that make up the creative process chain, each link adding to the system.

Recharging You has prompts and exercises for the entire range of the creative process. This is some of the content that will be covered in courses, blogs, and other resources: listening skills, marketing tactics, creative block breakers, idea generation techniques, collaboration methods, as well as team building activities, doubt busters, presentation do’s and don’ts, and confidence builders.