Alec Lewis // The Importance of the Back Story

Aired on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Episode 205

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This week on Design Recharge I am excited to introduce you to my friend Alec Lewis. Alec is busting with energy and enthusiasm for our industry. He loves to surround himself with creatives who are willing to take chances. He is passionate about helping others find their passion and helps them dream big.

One of Alec’s superpowers is his ability to tell a story and he does this easily because of his background in acting and theatre and look at things from a unique perspective. This episode will open up your eyes to how perspective and thinking of things in different ways open up ideas and let your creativity soar.

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His website:


Other things we talked about during the show:

Creative Circus

“Find the soul in the struggles of your work.” — Sylvia Gaffney

Greyscale Gorilla

Lester Banks

School of Motion

The Beaver movie


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