Alex Lazaris // Mentoring Creatives

Episode 226. Aired on September 6, 2017

This week I am excited to have Alex Lazaris on the show. I started out being impressed by Alex’s designs and his creative eye, but the more I learned about him the more inspired I became. He is not only a talented designer, but he is also leading a creative team, and finds time to encourage and mentor other creatives.

Alex and I will talk about how what other people told him he couldn’t do, actually fueled him to do the best work possible along with never wanting anyone to feel the same way. Because of some early discouragement, Alex is passionate about being a champion for other designers.

Alex likes to push his limits out of the office too, and is a long board skateboard racer. Not only does Alex dives head first into new challenges at work but he has learned to not let fear hold him back. He has learned to embrace change and expect failure. His story will inspire you to push yourself. Which is exactly what I need this week.


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