Alicja Colon // Overcoming Debilitating Self-Talk

Episode 279. Airs Wednesday, December 5 at 2:30pm ET /11:30am PT.

Does your inner voice regularly berate you? Do you have a hard time turning that monster inside your head off? Do you say things to yourself that you would never say to a friend?

This week we are going to be talking to my friend Alicja Colon, who is a designer turned photographer and illustrator. She is a mom of three and a wife. Her faith is a critical part of her life and her freelance business. She worked for many years with Focus Lab in Savannah and in September of this year went out on her own.

This week I am excited to introduce you to Alicja Colon, a paper artist illustrator, designer, and photographer. Alicja has taught workshops, given talks at conferences. She also has a podcast called Manual Focus. On top of all that she is a wife and mom of three, and in September she quit her full time gig to go out on her own. Talk about wearing a lot of hats! Alicja will tell you her biggest struggle has been her negative self-talk.

This episode will dig into how she has been able to wrangle the inner-voice monster and turn it into a cheerleader instead of a beast that lords over her feelings and thoughts. I hope you will join us for this episode of Design Recharge LIVE on Wednesday, December 5 at 2:30pm ET /11:30am PT.

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