Alma Hoffmann // The Why Behind Sketch Noting

Episode 209. Aired Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

Life has been crazy but great. I just got back from my favorite conference of all (Creative South) and I got to meet so many amazing people. I left wishing I had more time to talk with so many people. But I have committed to having some lunch conversations over skype.

Are you feeling like you need a connection interaction? Reach out to someone, me included, and ask for a lunch date over skype. At Creative South we spend time getting to know the people we are sitting next to and we go to lunch and that is what I think we need to do all year round with each other. People are amazing and more reachable than you think. AND we all need to eat. That is my challenge to you this week. Ask someone for a skype lunch or a real lunch in your city that you don’t know well and get to know them.

This week the episode is part one of the first ever series I have done. I want to know what you think and see if you like the content like this. So let me know, ok?

[youtube id=”qIv6Xohc2Uo”]

Part one: Alma Hoffmann (investigation into the importance of sketching)

Part two: Amarilys Henderson (drawing faces fast and getting things like age, race, and gender down) Thursday episode.

On Wednesday next week there will be a regular episode with Noah Scalin who has recently released his latest book, Creative Sprint. And as we talk about sketch noting i think creativity comes up a lot. So this is a perfect addition to this series.

Part three: Johnny Gwin (weekly practice and seeing improvement in technique and comprehension)

Part four: Emily Carlton (Taking it to the streets, making a business out of sketch noting)

Alma Hoffmann is coming back on the show to kick off a four-part series on sketch noting with four different experts in the field. With Alma we will talk about the why behind sketching and how its importance has changed in processing and communicating information. We will dig into how her perspective changed and her daily life has had an impact as a result of exercising this powerful muscle.


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Somethings we talked about:

Eva Lotta Lamm

Mike Rohde:

Brain Rules:

Sketching Made Easy:

How to Use Graphic Design to Sell Things, Explain Things, Make Things Look Better, Make People Laugh, Make People Cry, and (Every Once in a While) Change the World  Hardcover – November 3, 2015 by Michael Bierut:

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