Scott Soeder // Marketing Strategies for Illustrators

Episode 272. Aired Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

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This week we will be continuing the conversation with my friend, Scott Soeder. Scott has combined his passion for music and illustration into a passion project that lead him to doing work for his favorite band, 311. Last time we didn’t even get to talk about this, or how SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) has played a part in his career. Scott won the SCBWI Grand Prize in 2016 and won it again in 2018.

In the last interview with Scott which can be found here: I wanted to dive into his process and his marketing strategy, which we will do for sure this time around.


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EMERGE + AIGA Mobile // Moving, Working, Changing Fields, Finding Your Place // WITH A LIVE AUDIENCE

Episode 271. Aired September 26, 2018

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I am teaming up with AIGA Mobile during the Emerge Month, where AIGA focuses on Emerging Designers. That means designers who have been working for 0–5 years. (Out of school or someone who has recently entered the design industry.)

AIGA Mobile + Design Recharge Live and IN-PERSON!

AIGA Mobile presents a special episode of Design Recharge to celebrate EMERGE awareness week! During this episode host diane gibbs will interview Jeffy Thomas (CUTTINK), Phim Her (The Washington Post), and Abbie Bacilla ( about their career journeys and ask them questions about how they scaled their design careers. This episode will be live streamed via Zoom Webinar with interactive Q&A PLUS for the first time Mobile area creatives will be invited to participate in person during the live recording on the University of South Alabama campus.


Meet the Guests

Abbie Bacilla

Abbie Bacilla is a young professional who graduated from Spring Hill College in 2017 with a BA in graphic design. She is now a full-time motion designer at, a video collaboration software, in New York City. Abbie is also a School of Motion alumni and a member of the NYC chapter of Punanimation, an animation collective for women.

Instagram: abbiebacilla
Twitter: @abbie_k

Phim Her

Phim Her is a creative disruptor. She dedicates her time to leveraging the best practices of design, art and business to build sociocultural change wherever she goes. On any given day she is juggling the titles of Marketing Solutions Manager for The Washington Post, Co-Chair of AIGA’s National Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, Content Committee Lead for the AIGA National EMERGE Initiative and Planning Committee Member and Lead Facilitator for the DC Hub for the UN Global People’s Summit. DC Fem Tech has recently recognized Phim as one of their 2018 Power Women in Code, Design and Data, out of a nomination pool of 600 nominees.

One of Phim’s favorite quotes is: “We must move from talking about the world of design to talking about the design of the world.” This is why you will see her talking about politics in a design meeting, and design in a meeting about politics and social impact.

@phimher on Instagram and Twitter

Jeffy Thomas

Philadelphia based, Bahrain born, Indian national illustrator and paper-cutter, Jeffy Thomas, has been playing and honing his skills in creating images through the use of repetitive lines and a xacto knife since 2009. Having gone to college for Architecture, Jeffy blended his knowledge of drafting and hatching with his passion of illustration. The paper cutting was a happy accident that has allowed him to introduce another element into the mix and extend the range of his abilities further. Using lines, patterns, physical negative and positive space to tell stories and create compositions and play.

@cuttinkstudio on twitter | dribbble | Instagram

Dustin Lee // Exploring Alternate Revenue Streams

Episode 270. Aired September 26, 2018.

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This week I am excited to have my good friend Dustin Lee back on the show. Dustin and I have been friends for years and I have seen his business grow and change. I think it is due to his always trying to improve and his connectivity within the industry. He spends a lot of virtual time with other people and listening to what they need, then creates products to fill those needs. He also is on the popular weekly podcast, The Honest Designers Show, and talks to other entrepreneurs in the industry. I love this podcast! @honestdesigners

One of those projects was a course he launched a few years ago called Passive Income for designers. He was asked by LinkedIn Learning (previously to do a version of that course for them.

When we met recently, we got to chatting about Patreon, so this episode is going to talk about alternate areas you can tap to spread out your income sources, which is always a good idea.


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Josh Lewis // The Power of Personal Projects

Episode 269. Aired September 19, 2018.

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This week I am excited to introduce you to my friend Josh Lewis. I got to meet him and hear his story at Creative South this past year. Again, I love going to conferences for the simple reason that you get to hear more and spend time with people you admire.

You might be thinking, what you do you mean, “hear more.” When face-to-face (virtually or physically) you are able to give people more of your time as opposed to commenting on a post or typing a private message. When I meet with people in-person or online I get to know them better, I hear their struggles and how they have made it through the tough patches. Josh will share some of these things with us this week.

Josh was working full time as a designer, but wanted to do more illustration work. He was able to go from full time with a side project to freelance and a lot of that had to do with his personal projects. Josh’s personal projects have lead him to clients again and again. He will talk about this as a strategy. I hope you will join us for this look into creating self-driven project and how that can lead to paying jobs that you will love.


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Things we talked about during the show: Where he printed his Bite-Sized books
Ring Central for Project Management Software
Kyle Webster’s brushes are now part of Adobe CC

The Storm & Letting Things Go // Part 2 // Rapid Recharge

Episode 268. Aired September 7, 2018.

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We may or may not have a show tomorrow. Now we are dealing with a Tropical Storm / Hurricane. His name is Gordon. Right now it is really just windy. We have already lost a lot of limbs. So many of our trees are pecan trees and they are really brittle and they are really loaded with leaves and pecans.

It got me thinking, how similar our creative process when we are trying new things is like a tree in a wind storm. We have to be really flexible at the outer edges. We have to be able to flex and move and really bend on those outer edges. But our trunks, our core must be strong. We also have to be prepared to lose some of the new stuff that isn’t working. We have to be able to let go of the dead limbs and the limbs that are taking too much of our attention, resources, and time. Some of these “limbs” look like they will be really fruitful, but they are so heavy with pecans that they are holding the other parts of us back. We have to think of the unit as a whole. We are the product we are selling.
I think that is hard to think of myself as the product. I am much more comfortable being behind the scenes and helping someone else get their message out or give someone else’s voice a boost.

I think there are plenty of other designers similar to me, in that way. But sometimes we have to fly our flag.

I think there are plenty of other designers similar to me, in that way. But sometimes we have to fly our flag. This week we will talk about this uncomfortable place. We will talk about lack of confidence and how we can best build our confidence. Some tactics I use in the classroom and with clients as I go to battle with myself over pricing and design decisions.

Pray for safety for all the Gulf Coast. We are under a Tornado Watch as well, until 4am. Hopefully we can meet tomorrow and chat, if not. I will record something when I can and post it as soon as I can.


Practice Measure Pivot: No Recital Scheduled // Rapid Recharge // Part 1

Episode 267. Aired August 29, 2018.

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Have you ever been in a place of growth and it is so uncomfortable you just want OUT?
As you know when you fight it, it gets worse, right?

Why do we do that? Why do we avoid the uncomfortable so much, that we can make ourselves sick. We make others around us, tired of being around us because we just don’t want to face something. AVOID AVOID AVOID

I would like to think of myself as a Gritty Girl. But lately, my inner voice has been desiring Easy Street! I want the gold but don’t want to pan for it.

That doesn’t make sense when you are looking at it from the outside. There are no get rich quick schemes. There is work and lots of it.

But our work, the work we “get” to do is pretty fun. So why have I made parts of it so scary in my mind.

I think of it like a ride at an amusement park. For so many years the only ride I was tall enough to ride was the swings. I was in 8th grade before I could ride a roller coaster. And I almost didn’t ride it, thank GOD for peer pressure. Had it been up to me, I don’t think I would have ridden it, because it was NEW and I was SCARED. Even though people said it was “fun.”

It was fun, I love roller coasters, it feels like flying.

Have you been avoiding something? Maybe learning a new skill because it will take WORK? And it might be hard and or frustrating, and you probably aren’t going to be amazing at it on the first day?

We are going to talk about some ways to get you back on track and some strategies to help keep you on track.

I hope you will join us for this strategy session of how to get out of a funk, that has you craving for fluff, when really we want to build muscle and GROW. This episode of Design Recharge is LIVE on Wednesday, Aug 29 at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT.

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Things we talked about on the show:

Here is the video about painting the negative areas:

Finding an Illustrator & Self-Publishing a Children’s Book // Running a Killer Kickstarter Campaign

Episode 265.

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This week I am excited to introduce Beth Stafford and Jeremy Slagle. Beth is a designer and author, who wrote the Chin-up Chinchilla children’s book. And Jeremy is a designer and illustrator who had always wanted to illustrate a children’s book. They way they met and the way this book was perfectly crafted together by God is pretty amazing.

Their story will give you hope especially if you have had the dream of a either writing or illustrating a children’s book on your bucket list. Then on top of it all, they launched a Kickstarter (launched on Aug 15th, 2018) and in 24 hours they were 66% funded. In 48 hours they were 88% funded. In four days they were 92% funded. 100 % funded in 6 days. This is AMAZING. And I want to know how they did all of it.


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Find Beth and the book online at or @happycargobooks on Instagram.

You can also find Foxmeadow Creative at

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Or on Instagram: @slagledesign


Back the project at:


Show Notes: Things we talked about today:


Find the book and support their Kickstarter here

Being Dramatic

I feel like when things start falling apart, the crumbling starts on ALL the edges. Sometimes it feels that way and we are just trying to hold our pie together. Maybe I am being dramatic, honestly nothing is falling apart. But sometimes having a job, running a side business, having a family (furry pets and people), seems like too much.

On top of that we are getting our house ready to sell, exciting for sure. Needless to say there is a lot to do. Yesterday I realized I had agreed to speak at an event but booked my ticket before I knew my time slot. oops. Well it is a big OOPS when you live in a town with an airport that has only five terminals. If you get my meaning? No one flies here directly, and there are few flights after a certain time, because almost all flights are connecting somewhere.

The fee to change the flight was $200 and it would mean another night stay AND missing another day of work. NOT GOOD. Prayers up for a solution, nothing is resolved yet.

So last week on the show I said that this week would be a Rapid Recharge, but I forgot that this week was supposed to be an off week of Design Recharge. I usually try and take off one week when we have a month with five Wednesdays. Our guest for next week had to reschedule. And because of that I was thinking of doing a three part Rapid Recharge.


Talk about placing more toppings on my pie that already feels like too full. And some of it I am doing to myself. Needless to say no show this week.
Ashleigh and I are working on filling the spot for next week. We have a few emails out and super excited about who it will possibly be. All options are AWESOME!

I am fine. I don’t want anyone to worry, but life has not been smooth lately. Lots of sick kitties, student issues, work issues, and this summer has been slow client-wise. Starting back to school is always a little stressful too. Meeting new students who have “heard” about me (heard that I am a hard teacher). Students call in a panic in need of classes, etc. All while I am trying to prep for classes, which is both exciting and nerve-racking especially when I am trying a new project or two.

I am asking your forgiveness and am going to take this week off and try and get the Patreon page up. Still working on the site update too, but it might have to wait til December when I have more than 1 week off.

Ok so that’s what’s up this week.

Too Much Info or are we ok. Let me know what your summer has been like in the comments below. Look for a pie painting later today.