Being Dramatic

I feel like when things start falling apart, the crumbling starts on ALL the edges. Sometimes it feels that way and we are just trying to hold our pie together. Maybe I am being dramatic, honestly nothing is falling apart. But sometimes having a job, running a side business, having a family (furry pets and people), seems like too much.

On top of that we are getting our house ready to sell, exciting for sure. Needless to say there is a lot to do. Yesterday I realized I had agreed to speak at an event but booked my ticket before I knew my time slot. oops. Well it is a big OOPS when you live in a town with an airport that has only five terminals. If you get my meaning? No one flies here directly, and there are few flights after a certain time, because almost all flights are connecting somewhere.

The fee to change the flight was $200 and it would mean another night stay AND missing another day of work. NOT GOOD. Prayers up for a solution, nothing is resolved yet.

So last week on the show I said that this week would be a Rapid Recharge, but I forgot that this week was supposed to be an off week of Design Recharge. I usually try and take off one week when we have a month with five Wednesdays. Our guest for next week had to reschedule. And because of that I was thinking of doing a three part Rapid Recharge.


Talk about placing more toppings on my pie that already feels like too full. And some of it I am doing to myself. Needless to say no show this week.
Ashleigh and I are working on filling the spot for next week. We have a few emails out and super excited about who it will possibly be. All options are AWESOME!

I am fine. I don’t want anyone to worry, but life has not been smooth lately. Lots of sick kitties, student issues, work issues, and this summer has been slow client-wise. Starting back to school is always a little stressful too. Meeting new students who have “heard” about me (heard that I am a hard teacher). Students call in a panic in need of classes, etc. All while I am trying to prep for classes, which is both exciting and nerve-racking especially when I am trying a new project or two.

I am asking your forgiveness and am going to take this week off and try and get the Patreon page up. Still working on the site update too, but it might have to wait til December when I have more than 1 week off.

Ok so that’s what’s up this week.

Too Much Info or are we ok. Let me know what your summer has been like in the comments below. Look for a pie painting later today.

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