Blake Stevenson // Mining Cuteness

Episode 214. Aired May 31, 2017.

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Blake Stevenson is one of my heroes, because everything he makes has some sort of cuteness factor in it. I am always afraid of making something ugly and it is like he has a magic pen and with it everything he creates is cute, even his skulls rank high on the cuteness scale. So I say Blake is mining cuteness, he has struck gold and the ore he pulls from his creative mine (I am using a mining analogy) is filled with unstoppable cuteness.

I will ask him if he ever makes anything ugly, or is it still cute? Blake has the  ability to reveal emotion while creating the cutest characters. This week I will be interviewing Blake Stevenson, the mastermind behind Jetpacks and Rollerskates. Blake works a full time job, has a family, and still finds time to create for himself and share those creations with us. This episode will dig into how he makes realistic goals, fights against trend band-wagon-riding, and how he found his style.

On this episode we will also talk about where to go for inspiration and how he continues to see growth in his characters and his style.


Find Blake at:



Other things we talked about today:

Domestic Yeti web comic Blake created
sounds a lot like what Blake does



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