Bob Ewing & Drew Hill // INCH x INCH


Aired on Wednesday, May 27, 2015. Episode 132

Do you believe there is a power in every inch? Drew and Bob do and so do I. Bob Ewing and Drew Hill share their new side project, Inch x Inch. “They believe small things can make a big difference. Their monthly one-inch button club benefits national and local educational youth art programs. Join them in their mission to inspire, nurture, and educate creative young minds.” Join me as I interview Drew and Bob and find out why they wanted to start this, how they got support, and how they raised awareness for their cause. Most of us were nurtured because of art programs and wouldn’t be the designers we are today without that. I am excited to share inch x inch with y’all because as Bob and Drew say, “one inch could take a child artist miles.”

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