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Aired on November 9, 2016. Episode 191

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Have you thought about going into management and leading a design team? Or do you want to know what it will be like when your freelance business goes full time and you have to hire more designers? If you answered yes to either of these then this episode is for you.

This week on Design Recharge I am interviewing my friend Brian Yohn. Brian works full time as a designer and manager of a creative team a Virginia Tech’s Division of Student Affairs. Transitioning to a management position may or may not be on your bucket list. But if you plan to grow a business you will have to manage your team. We will learn from Brian’s experiences and understand how to let your team thrive while still getting to design himself. We will also talk about how he has turned the tables on himself through his side project… from being the art director to now being art directed by his son and why side projects are invigorating.
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