Jeremy Slagle // The Other F Word

Episode 300. Aired Wednesday, June 5, 2019. Or listen here: Huge Praise this week. Tomorrow’s show with Jeremy Slagle marks the 300th episode and our 7 year anniversary. I could never have done it without the ever-organized and always encouraging Ashleigh Barkley. Ashleigh does all the scheduling and all the talking me off the roof …

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rock cairn marking a spot on baren land, Rapid recharge, leaning into uncomfort

Rapid Recharge // Leaning Into Uncomfort Part 2

Steven’s video I have watched this video over 50 times probably. I am seeing it from so many angles. I am excited to share this with you. Episode 299. Aired May 29, 2019. Been a hard week for me. I don’t like disappointing. And that is what I feel like I did. I didn’t …

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Creative Podcasters Unite

Episode 297. Aired May 15, 2019. or listen here: This week we are doing something different. I have invited a few of my friends who are at different stages in their similar side project, they are all podcasters and all do it differently. They have similar but different audiences. Last week we talked to Kyle …

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Blair Enns // Win Without Pitching

Episode 293. Airs Wednesday, April 3, 2019.   This week I am stoked to have someone who has shaken up the business of design so much with his insight and wisdom, Blair Enns. He comes from the other side, the non-design side, but has a LOVE for designers and creatives. He is an amazing writer …

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Guarantee Success

Episode 292. Airs Wednesday, March 27, 2019. Or listen here:   This episode almost didn’t happen. I am honestly tired and I just had spring break. But Spring Break was awesome. I got a lot of work done for some clients and I feel great about it. But it meant some late nights. I …

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