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Episode 258. Part 5 of the Scaling Your Business series and Part 1 Struggle then Soar series

Aired Wednesday, May 30, 2018.


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This week concludes our month-long series about Scaling Your Business and introduces our next series, From Struggle to Soar.

This week I am excited to interview Chris Do. Chris not only is the founder of a successful design firm, Blind, he also has a successful YouTube Channel, course site, membership community, and podcast (The Futur). He is an educator and a prolific content creator, we will dig into his backstory this week.

Chris is passionate about teaching students and business owners the skills we rarely get in school. His audience is made up of entrepreneurs who are trying to get to the next level. He helps creative entrepreneurs through his courses and content he is producing at The Futur. Chris dove deep into what makes him tick and by doing that has learned about others. He utilizes role play in his classes and online content. There is so much we can learn from him.

But life was not always a walk in the park for Chris. His family immigrated here when he was very young. He moved around a lot and never felt like he fit in, until design school. Where he found his place. Chris has learned a lot about life from the struggles of growing up in a new country and learning a new culture along with his parents and brothers. Chris has built two thriving businesses and is the epitome of the struggle then soar series.

Get ready to learn about how important culture fit is for hiring, how to talk to clients and communicate your value, and how Chris fought his way through childhood to now stand up and give you the tools to be a strong, creative, business leader for your company.

I was on Chris’ podcast The Futur a few weeks ago, after meeting him back in February, we had an instant connection and continued the conversation. Check them out here: Part 1 and Part 2

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