Courses & Coaching

You can utilize my consulting for in-person workshops, one-on-one coaching, or try my online training. Click on COURSES for a list of the training I provide online.

The types of coaching sessions I perform range from one-on-one to small group sessions.

Coaching Topics include:

• Finding Your Style

• Uncovering Your Purpose

• Creativity Workshops

• Self Promotion Ideation, Resolution, and Accountability

• Creative Block Therapy

• Team Building and Strategizing Key Players Positions


Types of Consulting and Coaching:

• Small business (4 hours–5 days)

• Individual (4 hours–5 days, or regularly scheduled appointments either online or in perosn)

• Small Workshops (3–10 people, 2–4 hours, or 1–2 days)

• Medium-sized Workshops (max 30, 2–6 hours, or 1–2 days)

•Regularly scheduled coaching sessions (online or in person)



I work with individuals and businesses all over the United States creating stronger leaders, more powerful teams, and confident creatives.

Click the tab under “Coaching” above to learn more about what type of coaching fits your business’ needs, or contact me directly at diane[at]