Are you ready to transform your business?

Are you transitioning from full-time for someone else to full-time for yourself?

Are you moving from one silo to another, like from Print to UX/UI?

Do you feel lost and not sure where to start and that the list is so long you won’t ever get to it?

Well you are not alone. I have been there and am right there with you. Why don’t we go on this journey together?


I have started a PowerStation. Where lots of energy comes together to be transformed and then headed out on a new path to take on a specific target. That is what we do at the PowerStation. We bring our energy, our ideas, our experiences. We share our pain points with the group and we use the group to

If you are interested in learning more sign up to get more information about how the group works and how you can grow your business by coming to the PowerStation where we are stronger together.

Sign Up here to get more info:


If you are ready to apply right now for the June 24 opening send me an email at powerstation@rechargingyou.com

Pricing is $100/month for a weekly 1 hour call in a group of like-minded people who are in transition or have taken the plunge and are working full-time at running their creative business. It is a three month commitment or you can join at a reduced rate for a year. This is an application only. You will need to answer a few questions in order to apply.

The calls are on Thursdays at 7pm ET  / 4pmPT. We have a private, secret facebook group as well.

Testimonials are on their way and look for a new site at the end of the week.