Upcoming Workshops:

Recharge & Ignite with Lenny Terenzi of Hey Monkey Designs

The workshop is taking place in Columbus Georgia on April 7 from 10:20am–12:20pm.
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Cost: $150

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We have all been there. Stuck, feeling listless. No direction. A ship lost at sea. Burnt out. Maybe even depressed. You aren’t alone and surrounding yourself with others who are going through the same motions and with those who were once a little lost but found a way out could be just what you need to recharge and reignite your creative life.

Join me, a speaker on this year’s education panel and host of Design Recharge, and Lenny Terenzi of Hey Monkey! Design and fresh off his Creative South and Weapons of Mass Creation speaking events last year as they lead a collaborative conversation to help identify what may be holding you back from taking that next big step and giving you actionable items and accountability to help you move forward. This workshop is for designers at all levels from student to seasoned pro. Not feeling stuck but just want some inspiration on getting to a new place? This workshop is also for you!

We will be dealing with issues such as procrastination, feelings of fear, feeling like a fraud, some of the ways we hold ourselves back and ways to adjust your thinking to help you light the fire and burn brighter.

Your workshop ticket also gets you a full year of tapping into both Diane and Lenny to help keep things moving along, holding you accountable and just being there to talk you through what new adventures lie ahead. Additionally there will be an online community setup to keep you all in touch with each and be there to push each other as well.


Workshop Topics include:

• Creativity Booster

• Ideation and Brainstorming

• Creative Block Therapy

• Team Building and Strategizing Key Players Positions


The Type of Workshops:

• Small Workshops (3–14 people, 2–6 hours, or 1–2 days)

• Medium-sized Workshops (15–50, 2–8 hours, or 1–2 days)

We are flexible and can adjust to meet your needs. Call or email to set up a workshop. Workshops [at]