Finding Your SuperPower & Telling Your Story

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This three part, step-by-step course will identify your instinctive, personal strengths as well as reveal your designer SuperPowers (Part One & Two). After identifying your strengths and evaluating your goals, Part Three guides you as how best to communicate the type of work you are passionate about. Finding Your SuperPower & Telling Your Story teaches you how to get your self-promotion pieces in the line of sight of the right people and how to find your “right people.” All while instructing you how to communicate your unique personal and design advantages to clients. This course guides you in finding personally rewarding work that utilizes your talents and feeds your soul.


Goal Setting

You will create both short and long term goals you are hoping to accomplish personally/professionally during the course and after you complete the course.


Who is Your Ideal Client

Determine who your ideal client is and create a research document for each company. Find shared values and research the decision makers. Determine ways in which your expertise and strengths can help the company increase sales, educate a wider audience, . Create a company profile for each potential client. You will make a list of possible stories you can tell that will resonate with each potential client and their customers.


Get Busy Making

This module will go over the basics of storytelling and guide you in devising a schedule and create your first three stories based on one theme. Set up a critique with designers you trust and value their advice. Revise the first three and begin at least two more stories within the same theme.