Why Start a Virtual Summer Camp?

In 2014, I started participating in a creative exercise that was a month long during January. It’s helped me find new processes, new products, new artists, and new techniques to try in my art.

This course is called Creative JumpStart and is put together every year by Nathalie Kalbach. (I interviewed her catch that here.)

I really really liked this concept but instead of showing physical techniques I wanted to get a group of industry leaders and experts and have them teach about business. The parts of our education many of us have had to learn on-the-job.

In 2016, I worked with my friend Dr. Fred Baker, an instructional designer, who helped me get some things organized in the beginning stages of course. Early in the year, I put together a list of people and the topics I wanted them to teach. Then like all many ideas it stalled out because LIFE happened.

I was asked to play a critical role in the department where I teach and have an interim leadership position. I didn’t get back into planning mode until December 2018 when I interviewed Nathalie Kalbach about how she puts Creative JumpStart together each year. Her input and advice has been critical.


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