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Week one

Day 1
June 29

Mario Quezada


building trust with your clients

Day 2
June 30

Mike Janda


how to Create Content through personal experience

Day 3
July 1

Crystal Thomas


Eliminating Powerless

Day 4
July 2

Gay Hendricks


Living in Your Genius Spiral

Day 5
July 3

Phim Her


self advocacy asking for more every time

Week two

Day 6
July 5

Troy Abel


Lifestyle Journey of Your Customer

Day 7
July 6

Donaji Mejia

Donaji MEjia

Uncovering Your Ideal Audience

Day 8
July 7

Dustin Lee


Writing Emails For A Sales Series

Day 9
July 8

Anneli Hansson


Selling: The Energy You Bring TO A Room

Day 10
July 9

Jamal Collins


Working Hard, Giving Back, Not Giving Up

Day 11
July 10

Fin Al-Yousifi


Identity & Brand Clarity

Week three

Day 12
July 13

Chris Do

Chris Do

Failure Is Part of the Process

Day 13
July 14

Nick O'Laoire

Nick ó

The Power of Self-Talk Both Positive & Negative

Day 14
July 15

Andrew Burnett

Andew Burnett

Details Which Delight

Day 15
July 16

Vickie Gibbs

Vickie Gibbs

Create Surveys, Analyze Data, Make Changes

Day 16
July 17

Bonnie Tsang

Bonnie Tsang

The Courage to be Vulnerable

Day 17
July 18

Dave Clayton

Dave Clayton

The Currency of Community

Week Four

Day 18
July 19

Jacob Cass


Day 19
July 20

Scotty Russell

Scotty Russell

How To Attract & Build a Connected Community

Day 20
July 21

Claire O'Connor

Claire O'Connor

Overcoming Fear With Visualization

Day 21
July 22

Chris Gilchrist

Chris Gilchrist

SEO Insights for Creatives

Day 22
July 23

Laura Beauparlant

Laura Beauparlant

Brand Authenticity

Day 23
July 24

Corrina Reff

Corrina Reff

Present Your Ideas As a Story

Week Five

Day 24
July 27

asha mody

Asha Mody

Being Unstoppable During A Storm

Day 25
July 28

Colleen Gratzer

Colleen Gratzer

User-Friendly Color Considerations

Day 26
July 29

Melinda Livsey

Melinda Livsey

Win Hearts Through Emails: Nurture Building Trust Through Email Sequence

Day 27
July 30

Henry Kaminski Jr

Henry Kaminski Jr.

Attitude Adjustments

Day 28
July 31

Tom Ross

Tom Ross

The Power of the DM

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