Dan Lee // Hand Lettering Engineer

Aired Saturday, January 21, 2017. Episode 199

[youtube id=”25uIa9knkjY”]

This week on Design Recharge, I am interviewing the talented Dan Lee. Dan has a passion for design and lettering. He takes his mad skills and inspires the world with his inspirational messages. He is always pushing his skills and trying out new lettering styles as well as different hand lettering processes. He regularly uses ink and paper as well as pushes the iPencil around on the iPad.

This episode will help creatives who are struggling through a rough patch and need to know how other people keep going even when times are hard. We will also talk about sharing your faith via social media, having accountability with your side project, and lots of other things.


Find Dan at:

Things we talked about during the show:

Eraser Shield:

53 Paper Pencil I showed at the preshow:

The erasers that Dan uses:

Pentel Clic and

We also talked about Joe Bosack.

And Eric Friedensohn or @efdot.

And of course the ProCreate app.






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