Bethany Heck // Exposing a Commonly Held Typographic Belief

Episode 178.

Aired Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

[youtube id=”KwvPGRBABYo”]

This week I interview my friend and one of the funniest designers I know, Bethany Heck. Bethany has a love for type and for organization, she wants to make things easy for users and thinks about ways to do this. Bethany is an Art Director at Microsoft and has been getting them to think differently about the type they use and how they use it.

Actually she has been getting a lot of people, not just at Microsoft, to think differently about type and type combinations and that is what we will dig into in this episode. Bethany will be exposing a commonly held typographic belief that I used to preach. I am now a convert. She will walk us through what made me throw out my old belief.

Read her amazing article on medium here.

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