Dustin Lee // Exploring Alternate Revenue Streams

Episode 270. Aired September 26, 2018.

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This week I am excited to have my good friend Dustin Lee back on the show. Dustin and I have been friends for years and I have seen his business grow and change. I think it is due to his always trying to improve and his connectivity within the industry. He spends a lot of virtual time with other people and listening to what they need, then creates products to fill those needs. He also is on the popular weekly podcast, The Honest Designers Show, and talks to other entrepreneurs in the industry. I love this podcast! @honestdesigners

One of those projects was a course he launched a few years ago called Passive Income for designers. He was asked by LinkedIn Learning (previously Lynda.com) to do a version of that course for them.

When we met recently, we got to chatting about Patreon, so this episode is going to talk about alternate areas you can tap to spread out your income sources, which is always a good idea.


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