Dustin Lee // Creating Passive Income

Aired on Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015. Episode 141

Dustin Lee, founder and creator of Retro Supply Company knows how to help designers. He has built a business creating solutions that help designers speed up their work with his digital products. Dustin has figured out how to market to and help designers in a way that speeds up our productivity and helps us stay up on trends in design. If you love retro then you will be giddy for Dustin’s products. And if you want to make money while you sleep Dustin is going to share some of his secrets to creating a stable and profitable passive income stream.

 [youtube id=rGjrlna-u1A]


Find Dustin at:

Passive Income for Creatives
Are you a designer or digital artist? I write about passive income for creative entrepreneurs here.

RetroSupply Co.
Photoshop and Illustrator tools to help designers bring retro effects to their work.
To Pre-order: https://gumroad.com/l/passive-income-for-designers

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