Dylan Menges // Understanding Your Calling

Episode 240. Aired on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.

These days growing my business and starting my illustration journey are constantly on my mind. As I search for this clarity of purpose I am lucky to talk to someone who is ahead of me on this journey. This week I am talking to someone I really look up to, my friend, Dylan Menges. He is a true inspiration to me, both business-wise and spiritually.

We will dig into how he went out on his own in Sept 2015 and how he uncovered what he was meant to be doing with his life, talent, and time. Dylan is an amazingly talented letterer and illustrator. He deals with the same things we all deal with, like fear of the blank page, the punishing self-talk that holds us all back. We will talk about breaking through all this and building Menges Design with his wife, Janet.


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Things we talked about:

Procreate app


Molotow Markers on Amazon

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