EMERGE + AIGA Mobile // Moving, Working, Changing Fields, Finding Your Place // WITH A LIVE AUDIENCE

Episode 271. Aired September 26, 2018

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I am teaming up with AIGA Mobile during the Emerge Month, where AIGA focuses on Emerging Designers. That means designers who have been working for 0–5 years. (Out of school or someone who has recently entered the design industry.)

AIGA Mobile + Design Recharge Live and IN-PERSON!

AIGA Mobile presents a special episode of Design Recharge to celebrate EMERGE awareness week! During this episode host diane gibbs will interview Jeffy Thomas (CUTTINK), Phim Her (The Washington Post), and Abbie Bacilla (Frame.io) about their career journeys and ask them questions about how they scaled their design careers. This episode will be live streamed via Zoom Webinar with interactive Q&A PLUS for the first time Mobile area creatives will be invited to participate in person during the live recording on the University of South Alabama campus.


Meet the Guests

Abbie Bacilla

Abbie Bacilla is a young professional who graduated from Spring Hill College in 2017 with a BA in graphic design. She is now a full-time motion designer at Frame.io, a video collaboration software, in New York City. Abbie is also a School of Motion alumni and a member of the NYC chapter of Punanimation, an animation collective for women.

Website: https://abbiebacilla.com/
Instagram: abbiebacilla
Twitter: @abbie_k

Phim Her

Phim Her is a creative disruptor. She dedicates her time to leveraging the best practices of design, art and business to build sociocultural change wherever she goes. On any given day she is juggling the titles of Marketing Solutions Manager for The Washington Post, Co-Chair of AIGA’s National Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, Content Committee Lead for the AIGA National EMERGE Initiative and Planning Committee Member and Lead Facilitator for the DC Hub for the UN Global People’s Summit. DC Fem Tech has recently recognized Phim as one of their 2018 Power Women in Code, Design and Data, out of a nomination pool of 600 nominees.

One of Phim’s favorite quotes is: “We must move from talking about the world of design to talking about the design of the world.” This is why you will see her talking about politics in a design meeting, and design in a meeting about politics and social impact.

@phimher on Instagram and Twitter

Jeffy Thomas

Philadelphia based, Bahrain born, Indian national illustrator and paper-cutter, Jeffy Thomas, has been playing and honing his skills in creating images through the use of repetitive lines and a xacto knife since 2009. Having gone to college for Architecture, Jeffy blended his knowledge of drafting and hatching with his passion of illustration. The paper cutting was a happy accident that has allowed him to introduce another element into the mix and extend the range of his abilities further. Using lines, patterns, physical negative and positive space to tell stories and create compositions and play.

@cuttinkstudio on twitter | dribbble | Instagram

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