Fabio Perez // Lightning Fast & a Love for Retro

Aired December 7, 2016. Episode 195

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This week on Design Recharge I am interviewing my friend Fabio Perez. I am in deep envy and awe of Fabio’s talent and speed. His ability to take a project from concept to design to production at the speed and with a high level of quality leaves me speechless (and that is saying a lot). Fabio creates retro inspired illustrations with original hand lettering or uses existing typography in a clever way.

He is prolific and one of the humblest people I know. He has a gift for design and makes what we do look so easy and effortless. I am so pleased to have an hour to chat with him and share his story with all of you. Hopefully, he will give us some tips on how he obtained his superpowers of speed and mastery of style.

We talk about the struggles of working a full-time job while running a side business.


Find Fabio at:

Instagram: @twentyonecreative
twitter & dribbble: twenty21one
Main site / shop: twentyonecreative.com
Etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/twenty21onecreative


Things Fabio mentioned or showed:


Link to the pdf. 

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