Finding an Illustrator & Self-Publishing a Children’s Book // Running a Killer Kickstarter Campaign

Episode 265.

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This week I am excited to introduce Beth Stafford and Jeremy Slagle. Beth is a designer and author, who wrote the Chin-up Chinchilla children’s book. And Jeremy is a designer and illustrator who had always wanted to illustrate a children’s book. They way they met and the way this book was perfectly crafted together by God is pretty amazing.

Their story will give you hope especially if you have had the dream of a either writing or illustrating a children’s book on your bucket list. Then on top of it all, they launched a Kickstarter (launched on Aug 15th, 2018) and in 24 hours they were 66% funded. In 48 hours they were 88% funded. In four days they were 92% funded. 100 % funded in 6 days. This is AMAZING. And I want to know how they did all of it.


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Find the book and support their Kickstarter here

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