Get Your First Design Job After Graduation

You may know that I am passionate about designers who study under me getting jobs in the field, if they want them. I also am passionate about them being realistic about these jobs. I ask my juniors in the design track to tell me who they want to work for and why. I also ask them to tell me why they are a good fit for the company.

Oftentimes this exercise is seen as “busy work,” but honestly it is the furthest from being a waste of time. I am asking them to look at the direction of their career and see where they might start making connections and building relationships. NOW is the time. When you have a year in front of you to develop and nurture those relationships.

I hope you will watch and enjoy this episode of the futur, hosted by Chris Do and with Rahul Bhogal from Nothing Design Studio and the amazing brand strategist Melinda Livsey, from Marks and Makers.



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