Ian Paget // Overcoming Fears and Building a Community

Episode 256. Part three of the Scaling Your Business Series. Aired May 16, 2018.

Do you have a fear of speaking in public? Do you want to know how to Push through your fear of public speaking to become an effective communicator? Do you consider yourself an Introvert but are in a role that requires some extrovert characteristics? See how a top design professional, Ian Paget of Logo Geek, has overcome his fear of social anxiety and public speaking to become a successful business owner, community leader, and podcaster in addition to being able to talk to clients with confidence.

Turning introversion into your b***h! Ditch your self doubts, take control of your future by owning the power of your voice. Be courageous and change your life.

After Ian’s show a few weeks ago we kept talking, he shared some of his personal story about his anxiety and fears that used to hold him back. This week we will dig into that part of his journey and talk about how he has grown his logo geek community.

Often as we are growing we are put in uncomfortable positions. Being uncomfortable is an indicator of growth, it is part of the process. Once we are comfortable with what we are learning we tend to stagnate. Being stagnate is not part of Ian Paget’s identity. He has been facing his fears and welcomes being uncomfortable.

As you grow a business there are many opportunities you face that you have never done before but you can’t avoid, Ian will share how his life used to be about avoiding these until he decided to face his fears head-on.

Ian is a champion for other designers who are in a similar situations and he is happy to share his story to give hope to other people that they are not alone.

We will dig into how building a podcast and community have played into this role of facing his fears and how his business has exploded as a result.

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