Joseph Carter-Brown // In Defense of Fear

Episode 200! Aired Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

[youtube id=”f_KyTTw5W0s”]

Seriously stoked to record episode 200 with someone whom I met through Design Recharge, a long-time viewer and participant, Joseph Carter-Brown. I actually got to meet him in-person at the AIGA Leadership Retreat in Raleigh this past May.

Meeting him in person was such a treat, and getting to sit down and hear his story was amazing. So this week on Design Recharge I am interviewing Joe and getting him to open up about becoming an extrovert, an entrepreneur, and a leader…

This episode will help creatives who are struggling with being afraid to take the next step in their business. We will also talk about how doing things that scare us make us stronger and how teaching brought Joe to leadership.


My favorite quote of the podcast is. “if you can read it, you can learn it.” Joe Carter (Joseph’s dad)

Find Joe at:

twitter @abrowncreates
Instagram @abrowncreates





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