Johnny Gwin // Part 3 Sketch Noting Series: The Evolution of a Sketch Noter

Episode 212, Aired April 26, 2017.

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This week on Design Recharge I am excited to have my good friend, Johnny Gwin back on the show. Johnny started sketch noting a few years ago and has seen growth in his sketch noting abilities and he has uncovered a few tips for anyone who is thinking of starting sketch noting.

On this episode you will find out how he got started, what was the most influential and inspiring as he began, and at what point the light bulb went off. He will tell us honestly how much time and commitment it takes to start sketch noting. We will learn how he keeps growing after so many years doing this, how he has improved, and all the ways he uses sketch noting now.

Part one: 4/12/17 Alma Hoffmann (investigation into the importance of sketching)
Part two: 4/21/17 Amarilys Henderson (drawing faces fast and getting things like age, race, expression, and gender down quickly)
Part three: 4/26/17 Johnny Gwin (weekly practice and seeing improvement in technique and comprehension)
Part four: 5/3/17 Emily Carlton (Taking it to the streets, making a business out of sketch noting)

This is new for Design Recharge and I am excited to hear what y’all think of it, and if you want me to do more of these.
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Ways to follow Johnny & Things we talked about during the show

twitter: @thejohnnygwin

Mike Rohde:

Sketch Note Army:

Joe Sacco’s book palestine:

John Hendrix church drawings:

Pulpit to Pew: Rev Beverly Gibson

Scott McCloud’s Understading Comics:

Julia Cameron’s the artist’s way book:

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