Joseph Carter-Brown // Dealers of Empathy

Episode 225.

Aired August 30, 2017.

This week I am proud to have my friend and long-time Design Recharge family member back on the show to talk about fear and empathy. We will talk about not feeling like you belong, and understanding how as designers we are communicators. That means we are sales people, we are motivators, we are educators, and information transmitters. We have a purpose and it is inner-woven into all business, that purpose is to get in the shoes of our client’s customers.

Joe and I will talk about how fear sets us back and if we look at fear as a friend with something new to teach us it becomes less scary and more exciting. I will find out where Joe has found courage in different times of his life and how he has learned to harness his strengths for the benefit of his clients and colleagues.

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