Nick Brito // Working Towards a Goal

Episode 239. Aired on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

Illustration is on my brain, along with new goals and skills I want to master (well get better at). This week I am so excited to have one of my former students on the show this week. This designer has exploded since graduating. This week’s guest is Nick Brito. Nick graduated a few years ago but blossomed after graduation due to a self-imposed project. He has grown and continues to grow and set goals for himself and his career.

Nick is going to share some of his secrets to keeping at it and share his illustration journey with us. We will talk about setting goals for 2018, illustrator tips, and building a digital product to sell on Creative Market.

I hope you will join us for the FIRST Design Recharge of 2018.


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Things we talked about on the show today

Vector Basic Training book by Von Glitcshka

DKNG skillshare’s class:

discount code for three months for $.99

Hayden Aube skillshare class:

Rhodia Dot Pad

Mighty Advertising (where Nick works)

Illustrator, George Bokhua (skillshare’s class)

Other people we talked about:

Astute Graphics

Vector Scribe

Adam Grason

Nick Slater

Brian Edward Miller

Matt Carlson

George Bokhua’s instagram

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