50 week Planner (with a lean mid week)

Too many things to do? Too many to-do lists on all kinds of paper, scattered everywhere? This weekly planner forces you to have three main goals for the week and forces you to focus during your mid-week and not take on so much stuff. It gives. you a place to doodle and a dot grid in the back providing some structure.

This is the planner I, diane, use. I like forcing myself to do more on the weekend and during midweek when normally I would be piling things on, that’s when I focus and only cover a few tasks these days.

This planner allows for two holiday weeks, meaning there are 50 sheets in a year, not 52 sheets, forcing you to take time off. The other bonus is you get to start whenever. There are no dates on here. This week starts with the weekend and is great for people who work a full-time job or have a large side project. You might be using your weekend for freelance work or pursing the side project.

It is a standard 8.5 x 11 US paper size and is bound on the left-hand side (instead of the top). It has a strong cardboard back and book weight pages.


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50 week Planner (with a lean mid week)

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