Rapid Recharge // Positivity

Episode 188. Aired October 12, 2016.


This week on Design Recharge I will be talking about the power of being positive and how changing how you talk to yourself and what you say to others can impact your life. A few years ago I made a change in my life to only say good things about people in my life and to try and think more positively internally about myself. See I have a bad habit of being really critical of myself and saying things to myself I would never say to someone I know. Last year I read a book by Brené Brown called Rising Strong. Like many of her other books it reached me in a powerful way and brought to mind what I had been doing to myself. Come hear a few of my stories and ask questions.
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Things we talked about today:

Brené Brown’s books:

Rising Strong

The Power of Vulnerabilty


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