Richard Longhi // Semper Gumby

Aired Wednesday, March 30, 2016. Episode 164

[youtube id=”LBwF1EW5J38″]

Being flexible is one of Richard Longhi’s personal superpowers. When life throws him a challenge he just flexes and keeps going. He is amazingly positive and has an inspirational story. On top of all that he is wicked talented. His personal art and his commercial work will blow you away. He gets excited about his work and sharing his story. And he never gives up.

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Here you can find some of our digital Looks Books and Brand Books.
I was involved with each of these on multiple levels. Some I did the layouts and creative while others I may have helped on photo shoots etc.

This video goes with a campaign that we did for our 25th Anniversary. We hired 3 different Letterpress Artists (Hammerpress, Starshaped Press, & Kennedy Prints) to do limited edition posters of their own design to give away. It s a beautiful piece. Mammoth hired a local artist to write an original song for the video. We traveled out to Hammerpress in Kansas City, MO and had it filmed with Mammoth. The poster was later featured in PRINT Magazine. We had Starshaped Press bring one of their presses out to our booth at the ATA Show and custom print our pre-designed posters for attendees and partners.

Here are the links to a video with Dancer/Youtuber, Marquese Scott. He performed at our booth during the Shot Show for one of our Realtree Xtra Pattern launch.