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Aired, January 4, 2017. Episode 197.

I have been thinking about 2017 a lot more than I usually think about the new year. This time of year is one of reflection and inspiration for me. But in looking back, I have to be honest with myself about things I did not accomplish and at the same time be proud of all that I did do.

But don’t you want to know why there are things on the Didn’t Accomplish Yet List? Because I did not make them a priority.

I tend to put other people’s needs in front of my own, and enjoy putting out other’s fires instead of dealing with my own. But this year God revealed something to me on a walk yesterday. He has been waiting on me to do something so that He can do something.


Today marks day two of my ReFresh / ReBoot. I have so many things I want to do. I need to first start with a list of goals (that are realistic).

I need a list, do you?

Goals for 2017:

  1. Create more. I feel like I did pretty well last year but want to do even better this year. Sometimes I get too consumed in my head and my self-talk can be debilitating.
  2. Face my fears and be more COURAGEOUS.
  3. Plan where and what my business needs to do to get where I want to be. I am in a defining stage right now. It is scary and freeing, but today mostly scary. I have had my own freelance business for over 20 years, and been working it as Little Bird Communications for 14 years.
  4. Grow Design Recharge. You can help with this by sharing the podcast and the YouTube channel and leaving comments here, on YouTube, or Sound Cloud.

Plans and goals for my design business:

  1. I want to clarify my audience for Little Bird.
  2.  Create content for that audience (entrepreneurs).
  3.  Reach that audience
  4.  And complete list item one from 2016’s goals, which was to rebuild little bird’s site.



[youtube id=”lJxKBsV00ck”]


Since 2016, I have chosen three words to define my year. Last years words were Action, Connect, and Believe.

Action was to make more and not get caught up in it being perfect. I did that and feel like I am ready to do more.

Connect was to continue to connect more designers and illustrators through Design Recharge. I did and hope to do even more this year.

Believe was to believe in my abilities and all that God has given me and not doubt myself so much. I still need to work on this quite a bit.


For 2017 my words are:

Courageous: Taking on challenges, especially ones concerning my creative voice.

Prioritize: Meaning don’t put off something because it is for my personal business for the sake of work.

Communicate: I will communicate clearly my message. I will start by re-evaluating my business, my talents, my interests and passions then define who I am and what I want my business to be. I will write more blog posts, I will share more helpful videos. And as a result, dI will grow personally and my business will grow.


Episode airs Wednesday, Jan 4 at 2:30 pm ET / 11:30am PT.


Some topics we will discuss?

• Showing up

• Out Work not Over Work

• Building Your Business and I will share a simple plan to track that growth

• Taking time to Learn New Skills

I challenge you to write your three words and what they mean in the comments below. And thank you for letting me be a part of your journey with you.


Here is the pdf. Let me know what you think. Please share your goals in the comments below. Dream Decree – Goal Setting 0117














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