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Rapid Recharge is a monthly segment (sometimes twice a month) and is where I share helpful tips for running your own business, sharing creativity exercises, plus much more. These are short segments that last anywhere from 20 min to 30 min. I also leave time at the end to answer questions from the audience.

Nov 18: Ryan Hamrick

Nov 25: Danielle Langdon // Card Obsessed

Dec 2: Rocky Roark


Danielle Langdon // Card Obsessed

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Aired on Wednesday, November 25, 2015. Episode 151

Danielle Langdon is a self-proclaimed greeting card enthusiast, a designer, and a design educator. Danielle is not afraid of sharing her obsession and has spent years and money collecting and creating cards. We will go inside this obsession and see how Danielle’s love and investigation of dance has also impacted her design.