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Rapid Recharge is a monthly segment (sometimes twice a month) and is where I share helpful tips for running your own business, sharing creativity exercises, plus much more. These are short segments that last anywhere from 20 min to 30 min. I also leave time at the end to answer questions from the audience.


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Lisa Glanz // From Designer to Illustrator Part 2

Episode 249. Airs ****Monday, March 26,**** 2018 at 11am ET / 8am PT

This week we will be continuing our talk with Lisa Glanz. Lisa is an entrepreneur and illustrator who sells digital products online.

Lisa has been a designer who started practicing watercolor and then decided to dabble in the online marketplace Creative Market while she ran her freelance design business. She now is one of the most successful sellers on Design Cuts and Creative Market and does design work only for herself. She is making a living selling her products. She is scaling her business and has a part-time employee to help her grow.

We will definitely dig into her daily challenge project this conversation, as well as how she sets her goals for the year, and marketing advice she would give for someone who is starting out in selling digital products online.

I hope you will join us for this episode of Design Recharge LIVE on Monday, March 26 at 11 am ET / 8 am PT.

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