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Josh Cleland // Life as a Children’s Book Illustrator

Episode 264.

This week I am excited to introduce my friend and amazing illustrator, Josh Cleland. Josh like many got his start as a designer and then transitioned into doing more illustration work. The goal was to work as a children’s book illustrator and his dream has come true. Josh not only does children’s book illustration but other illustration projects and even a design project here and there. He will share with us what the world of children’s book illustration looks like and maybe bust a few myths we might have about that part of our industry. He has a love for Portland, so all you Pacific Northwest people will have to rally for this episode.

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Things we talked about:

Special dropbox link with actions for texturizing in photoshop Good for 30 days. Expires Sept 8, 2018.


My Teacher is a Monster book by Peter Brown.

Kyle Webster’s Brushes

How his character a day project helped him with his creativity and getting work

He had major breakthroughs as a result of personal projects

Josh would put these personal projects on the top of his website and share these on Dribbble and other social media and as a result got more work creating art for kids. This includes posters and children’s books.

The Portland West Side Poster

His shop on Society 6.